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PDM govt’s bad report card poses major challenge to its election campaign

PDM govt’s bad report card poses major challenge to its election campaign. Image Source: IANS News

Islamabad, Aug 9 : Even as the outgoing PDM government is gearing up for election campaigning, its bad report card of the past 16 months, plunging the masses into unrelenting inflation, joblessness and poverty, would make the electioneering a massive challenge for the alliance.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) government came to power after ousting Prime Minister Imran Khan through a vote-of-no-confidence in the Parliament.

Though PDM took over the power through a formation of a 13-party coalition government, claiming its vision to easy the shortcomings of the Imran Khan government and bring in relief for the masses; its tenure has been packed with massive inflation, increase in prices of basic commodities and everything else that is sold in the market and is part of a basic necessity of the common man.

“16 months of the coalition government’s rule have left an unbearable burden on consumers on the back of whopping price hikes in food items, transport charges and power and gas utility bills,” said Amir Shafaat Khan, an economy expert.

“There have been factors behind this unrelenting inflation, including higher global commodity prices and the rupee’s free fall against the dollar that further escalated the cost of imported goods. Besides, the government caved into almost all demands of the International Monetary Fund to secure loan installments, adding to the miseries of citizens,” Amir added.

Now, with the government bowing out and initiating its campaign to reach out to the masses and try to convince them with its political manifesto and success stories to justify its time in government; the unprecedented rise in inflation, job losses, business losses and the escalations on prices of basic commodities every fortnight, have filled up anger and miseries among the locals, whose empty stomachs and empty pockets may not be ready to give any weightage to the narratives of political parties.

“This government came into power and ousted Imran Khan, chanting slogans and staging protests, accusing Khan’s government of ignoring the needs of a common man and increasing the levels of inflation beyond tolerance. But after this coalition government was formed, they multiplied the sufferings of the people through towering inflation, shut down industries and manufacturers causing job losses and forcing majority of the youth to look at better career options abroad,” said Javed Siddique, senior political analyst.

“It is not going to be easy for political parties to run their election campaigns. However, they most certainly will try to make the best use of the recent floods, climate change caused damages, government’s foreign policy achievements and its efforts in saving the country from economic bankruptcy,” Javed Siddique added.

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