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My character is a mix of positive, negative shades

Romanch Mehta on ‘Baghin’: My character is a mix of positive, negative shades. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Aug 9 : Romanch Mehta, popular for his roles in TV shows like ‘Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev’, ‘Siya Ke Ram’ has shared details about his upcoming series titled ‘Baghin.’
The show features Aneri Vajani and Ansh Bagri in leading roles, focusing on the lives of three brothers, with Romanch portraying one of these brothers.

Revealing the first details, Romanch said: “It’s a finite OTT series consisting of 112 episodes. The character I’m playing is really interesting. I can’t reveal all the details, but you’ll see both positive and slightly negative aspects of my character.”

“The story has surprising twists and turns that will gradually unfold, leaving the audiences amazed,” he said.

Talking about the cast, Romanch said: “Everyone on the set is talented and welcoming. We all get along well, like a family spending quality time together. Our cast includes a mix of young and seasoned actors, each bringing their unique qualities to the table every day. That’s what makes our cast and series so special.”

The ensemble cast also includes Ansh Bagri, Krip Suri, Zeeshan Khan, Mridula Oberoi, Iqbal Azad, Khushi Mishra, Dolphin Dubey and more.

‘Baghin’ is a series that revolves around the battle between humans and beasts. The story takes a supernatural twist as the heroine becomes possessed by the spirit of a tigress, known as a Baghin.

In this tale of vengeance, the hunter becomes the hunted as the protagonist, a Baghin, embarks on a mission to avenge her death by seeking retribution from those responsible for her demise.

The series will release on the Atrangi app soon.


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