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Goa BJP govt is like scarecrow: Sardesai

Panaji:  Goa Forward Party Chief Vijai Sardesai on Tuesday alleged that the BJP government in the state is like a scarecrow, where Goans are edged out to accommodate outsiders for commission.

“Collective responsibility concept, where all (should) accept and welcome the saying of the Chief Minister…, if it lacks here then this government is like a scarecrow. Decisions are taken at centre and here they say ‘yes’ to it,” Sardesai, Fatorda MLA, said.

He said that Goans are edged out to bring in outsiders to do business activities. “They campaigned in the Karnataka Assembly election and learnt ’40 per cent’. Now the same model is implemented here. Maybe more than 40 per cent. Here Goans are edged out to accommodate outsiders, so the commissions can be taken from them. This is the model. Rest is event management. There is no governance. There is only ‘show’. Event is managing the government,” Sardesai further said.

Sardesai had taken a strong objection to the reported move of Goa government to rope in Gujarat based company to supply ‘Mid-Day Meal’ to schools by displacing local Self Help groups (SHG).

“Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is forced to tell (to the public) that he has good relations with his colleagues. Which means he doesn’t have it. In Politics saying ‘Yes’ means ‘No’. You (media persons) should know about it. It is the basics of politics,” he said.

According to Sardesai, BJP leaders in Goa are dependent on decisions taken by their leaders at centre, with which they are comfortable as they don’t object to it.


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