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Over 1,000 seek medical treatment in Iran due to sandstorms

beijing : Sandstorm again in Mongolia.. Image Source: IANS News

Tehran, July 17 : The number of people seeking medical treatment since July 12 because of health problems caused by sandstorms in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchestan has exceeded 1,000, state media reported.

Of the 1,047 people seeking treatment for respiratory, heart or eye conditions triggered by the sandstorms, 92 were hospitalised, Xinhua news agency quoted Majid Mohebi, head of the province’s Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization, as saying to the state-run IRNA news as saying.

The counties most affected by the sandstorms include Zabol, Zehak, Hamoun, Hirmand, and Nimrouz, according to Mohebi.

Earlier in July, Mohebi stated that over a five-day span, sandstorms had caused 833 individuals to seek medical treatment in the province, with 128 of them requiring hospitalisation.

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