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Sandeepa Dhar cried constantly while shooting for song ‘Barbaad’

Mumbai, April 29 (IANS) Actress Sandeepa Dhar has shared on the social media a beautiful photograph of herself after a workout.. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, July 15 : Actress Sandeepa Dhar has opened up on how she was completely immersed in her character’s sorrowful journey for the song ‘Barbaad’, and spent two shoot days crying constantly.

Promising an emotional journey that will leave the audience spellbound, the melodious track presents Sandeepa’s most heart-tugging performance till date.

Relaying her experience, Sandeepa shared: “Barbaad is indeed a special song for me. As an actor, I’ve felt vulnerable to channel the intense emotions but at the same time it has uplifted my confidence to slip into challenging characters. Finding myself completely immersed in my character’s sorrowful journey, I spent the two shoot days crying constantly.”

Shot in Delhi over a course of two days, ‘Barbaad’ features Sandeepa alongwith Abhishek Bajaj and Akshay Chauhan.

“The song tells the tale of a girl as she endures the heart-wrenching betrayal of her physically abusive boyfriend. ‘Barbaad’ delves into the experiences of girls who have been deeply shattered by love, sometimes leading them to contemplate taking their own lives,” she said.

“However, the song carries an important message, urging these girls to find strength and hope in their darkest moments and refrain from such drastic actions,” added Sandeepa.

Sung by Sakshi Holkar, the music is composed by Mandeep Panghal and produced by Manish Khari under MK Film Production.

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