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Kirti Kulhari chops off her long tresses, gets a crew cut

Kirti Kulhari. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, May 7 : Bollywood actress Kirti Kulhari has stunned everyone after chopping off her long tresses into a crew cut. She said she has not done it for a role but for herself and feel empowered.

Kirti took to Instagram reels, where she shared a video montage of herself in her new look.

She captioned it: “New endings, new beginnings. Decided to do this a month back and here I am, having done it. I work in an industry where being a heroine comes with its own set of restrictions and limitations.”
“Long hair or at least shoulder length hair is an unsaid mandate. Here I am, almost 15 years later, in the industry, doing my thing. I have no time to not do what I want to do… and each time I have done something which is not the norm, I have felt empowered and nothing short of it.”
She added: “Here I am, making another such choice and living my life my way. Thank you Aavni @happyinthehead for always being my partner in crime. Only love for you… PS: no it’s for not any role. It’s FOR ME…”
Kirthi’s fans were excited to see her embrace a new haircut and live life her way.

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