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From hip-hop to soulful bliss, QK’s ‘Le Jaa’ redefines heartache

From hip-hop to soulful bliss, QK’s ‘Le Jaa’ redefines heartache. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, July 20 : Recognised for her presence in MTV ‘Hustle 2.0’, artist Aarya Jadhao also known as ‘QK’ captivates the audience with beautiful rhythm and soulful lyrics in her new track ‘Le Jaa’.

‘Le Jaa’ fiercely resonates with those who have endured the pain of an unhappy relationship and found the strength to move on.

She has ravishingly curated a heart-touching euphony ‘Le Jaa’, that will bring out the essence of liberation and growth experienced after a sorrowful relationship.

With tender yet resilient vocals and an uplifting rhythm, it portrays resilience and inner strength. This track does not only empathise with the listeners but also renders the spirit of courage to move on from an unhappy relationship.

Commenting on the release, QK said: “Experimenting with music has always been very exciting to me. With ‘Le Jaa’ I have tried to transition from upbeat pop to a softer melody. This song is very dear to me as it captures the heavy-hearted emotions felt after a heartache and during the process of moving on.”

“It makes it even more special as this would be my first collaboration with the talented producer Yashraj Mukhate who added his unique take to ‘Le Jaa’. Working with him was a delightful experience, and I look forward to creating more incredible music together in the future,” she added.

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