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Jamie Lee Curtis’ home from original ‘Halloween’ film up for sale, currently priced at $1.8 million

Oscars 2023: Jamie Lee Curtis gets home the Best Supporting Actress honour.. Image Source: IANS News

Los Angeles, Sep 10 : For horror movie fans and collectors, there is some good news as actress Jamie Lee Curtis’ house from the original 1978 ‘Halloween’ film is now up for sale, and is nearly reaching the $2 million point, having so far been priced for $1.8 million.

The house is the original place where Curtis’ character from the movie, Laurie Strode, lived in the fictional area of Haddonfield, in the state of Illinois. In the iconic horror-slasher film, the house is glimpsed in the background in a scene in which Curtis sat on a front garden wall, holding a pumpkin on her lap.

Talking to People, Heidi Babcock of eXp Realty revealed that currently the house is priced over $1.8 million and will soon go up to $2 million, which is a highly exorbitant sum, given that despite its significance to pop culture, the house is similar to any standard American house.

Back in 2022, giving an essay to People, Curtis had detailed in length about her time in the ‘Halloween’ film franchise, and how it finally ended with ‘Halloween Ends’, which released in October.

“For 44 years, I have tried to figure out why and how the confluence of a young girl (Laurie Strode) and a monster (Michael Myers) came together in the 13 films titled Halloween,” she wrote.

“And this month, as I play Laurie for the last time, in Halloween Ends, the final installment of the franchise, I am trying to figure out how to say goodbye to Laurie, who has taught me the meaning of the words ‘resilience,’ ‘loyalty,’ ‘perseverance’ and ‘COURAGE.’ “

Talking about her time in the franchise, she wrote: “I was with the writer of the original ‘Halloween’ when I saw my husband of 37 years for the first time,” she recalled in the essay.

“Debra Hill and I were on my couch in West Hollywood in 1984. I opened up an issue of Rolling Stone, saw Christopher Guest in a Spinal Tap story and said, ‘I’m gonna marry that guy.’ (I did, six months later.)”

Curtis also expressed just how much the character of Laurie has impacted and inspired her own life. “I can’t tell you why Laurie Strode became O.G. Final Girl. I assume it has something to do with her intelligence and strength of character, quick mind and profound bravery,” she wrote.

“I have tried over the years to inculcate those aspects of Laurie’s character into my own, to carry that mantle and represent survivors of all types of unimaginable horror and trauma, pain and suffering, who stand up to tyranny and oppression — real and imagined.”

She concluded her essay, “Life is scary. But Laurie taught me that life can also be beautiful, filled with love and art and life!”

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