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Ukraine may have 30 days for counter offensive against Russia: US Army chief

Mark Milley. (File Photo: IANS). Image Source: IANS News

Washington, Sep 10 : US Army chief General Mark Milley has said that Ukraine has 30 days left for its counter offensive against Russia as the cold weather after that will make harder for Kiev to manoeuvre.

It’s too early to say whether the counter-offensive had failed, but Ukraine was “progressing at a very steady pace through the Russian front lines”, Gen Milley said in the programme BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.

Though Kiev’s counter offensive launched in summers to liberate Russian occupied territory in Ukraine, yielded small gains, Ukrainians general claimed of breaching Moscow’s formiddable line of defence, BBC reported.

However, in the same interview, UK chief of defence staff, Adm Sir Tony Radakin, said, “Ukraine is winning and Russia is losing”.

Admiral Radakin claimed that Ukraine has recovered 50 per cent of the territory occupied by Russia.

“Russia aimed to subjugate Ukraine and take hold of it but that has not happened and it never will happen, and that’s why Ukraine is winning,” Admiral Radakin told BBC.

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