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Actor Sathish unveils Vithaikkaaran teaser

Actor Sathish unveils Vithaikkaaran teaser. Image Source: News Helpline

July 22 : Actor Sathish unveils a thrilling teaser for diamond heist drama of magical proportion titled Vithaikkaaran.

As a young boy, Sathish has been taught that cheating is good, and being magician is only profession, where people pay to be cheated. When he grows up, he uses his cunning and smart deception to pull heist.

One such heist involves diamond worth millions, but all the politicians, gangsters and legal system is involved, and everyone wants a cut, what happens next makes the story of Vithaikkaaran.

The film also stars Simran Gupta, Anandraj, Madhusudhan, Subramaniam Siva, John Vijay, Pavel Navageethan, Japan Kumar and Others.

The film is helmed by Venki, who will be marking his directorial debut, the film is bankrolled by Vijay Pandi of White Carpet Films.

With music by VBR, Vithaikkaran has cinematography by Yuva Karthick and editing by Arul E Siddharth.

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