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Education Minister, Mayor interact with students during PTM

Delhi: Education Minister, Mayor interact with students during PTM. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, July 22 : Delhi MCD schools on Saturday hosted a Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) in which the Education Minister Atishi and Mayor Shelly Oberoi interacted with parents and children.

The interaction took place at MCD schools in DDA Flats Kalkaji and Indira Kalyan Vihar, Okhla where they discussed with teachers various ways to improve learning and performance of students.

Atishi highlighted that PTMs bring parents and teachers together, assisting them in devising better strategies for their children future.

“Under the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, education became our top priority, resulting in all Delhi government schools becoming excellent. Here, children from all sections of society are receiving world-class education. Now, we are bringing similar changes to MCD schools, fulfilling CM’s promise and working towards making them world-class too,” she said.

She mentioned that they have begun improving the quality of education in MCD schools, providing children and teachers with essential facilities they were deprived of for 15 years.

Mayor while interacting with parents at MCD schools, expressed that Kejriwal’s primary vision is to prioritise providing better education to children, making it the country’s foremost goal.

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