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Typhoon Khanun heads toward Japan’s Okinawa, Amami

Typhoon Nanmadol weakens to low-pressure system after hitting Japan. Image Source: IANS News

Tokyo, July 31 : The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said Khanun, a large and powerful typhoon, is expected to approach the country’s southwestern regions of Okinawa and Amami from Monday through Tuesday.

According to the JMA, typhoon Khanun was moving across the sea south of Japan and headed north-northwest at 15 km per hour on Monday, reports Xinhua news agency.

The storm had a central atmospheric pressure of 960 hectopascals, with winds of up to 144 km per hour near its center and gusts of up to 198 km per hour, said the JMA.

The agency added that winds of up to 90 km per hour are expected in Okinawa and up to 72 kim per hour in Amami on Monday.

Weather officials forecasted that the storm will continue to move northward while developing, gradually change its course westward, and come closest to the regions of Okinawa and Amami through Tuesday.

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