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Thailand’s Parliament postpones PM selection vote

(210814) Bangkok: Parliament. Image Source: IANS News

Bangkok, July 26 : Thailand’s Parliament has announced the postponement of the next vote to select a new Prime Minister due to a legal petition over the rejected renomination of Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat.

The postponement, announced by the Parliament on Tuesday, came after the state ombudsman’s office on Monday asked the Constitutional Court to review the vote by a joint parliamentary sitting on July 19 to reject Pita’s renomination as the new Prime Minister, Xinhua news agency reported.

In its petition, the ombudsman’s office also asked the court to suspend the Prime Minister’s selection until the court makes a ruling on the case.

The Move Forward Party emerged as the largest party in the lower house of the National Assembly in Thailand’s general election in May. It has since formed a coalition with the Pheu Thai Party and other smaller parties to support Pita to be the new Prime Minister.

Pita has failed to secure the necessary support in the previous two bicameral sittings of the Thai Parliament to be elected. The Move Forward Party announced last week its decision to step aside to allow the coalition partner Pheu Thai Party to lead in forming a new government.

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