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Scorching heat forecast for Japan

Scorching heat forecast for Japan. Image Source: IANS News

Tokyo, July 7 : Japan’s weather agency on Friday warned the public against heatstroke as daytime temperatures are expected to reach 38 degrees Celsius in the western Kinki region.

A high-pressure system covered a wide area from western to northern Japan on Thursday, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), with Shimanto city in Kochi prefecture seeing the highest temperature in the country at 36.7 degrees Celsius, reports Xinhua news agency.

Daytime temperatures are likely to be higher on Friday, said the JMA, and forecast a dangerous 38 degrees Celsius for Toyooka city in Hyogo prefecture and Maizuru in Kyoto prefecture.

The JMA also forecast 37 degrees in Fukui and Fukushima; 36 degrees in Tottori and Nara; 34 degrees in Osaka and Nagoya; and 33 degrees in central Tokyo.

Weather officials advised caution against heatstroke and urged people to properly use air conditioning and regularly drink water even when they are not thirsty.

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