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Ecuadorian mayor assassinated in armed attack

Dacoit shot dead by police in Rajasthan. Image Source: IANS News

Quito, July 24 : Agustin Intriago, mayor of the Ecuadorian port city of Manta, was assassinated in an armed attack, authorities confirmed.

The 38-year-old mayor was shot several times as he was unveiling city projects at a local neighborhood on Sunday, Xinhua news agency quoted local media reports as saying.

He was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment but succumbed due to his injuries.

Interior Minister Juan Zapata expressed solidarity with family and friends of the mayor, who was re-elected in 2023 by the Citizen Revolution Movement led by former president Rafael Correa.

“Our total solidarity with the family and friends of Manta’s mayor, in the face of his unfortunate passing due to an armed attack,” Zapata tweeted.

“The Police are fully deployed to locate and capture those responsible for this reprehensible act.”

Intriago’s death was announced by his sister, Ana Intriago, who requested the perpetrators be brought to justice.

“My brother has died, this crime cannot go unpunished, please, let’s not let these evildoers win,” she tweeted.

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