Saturday, July 22, 2023
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Microsoft Edge’s new update includes support for Workspaces

San Francisco: Microsoft has released an update for its ‘Edge’ web browser, which includes support for Workspaces.

Workspaces support in Edge makes it easier to keep track of links and websites that are important to a group of people, reports Windows Central.

Workspaces allow users to organise tabs and links within the web browser.

“Each individual Workspace can have a set of tabs and favourites that are saved automatically and that can be managed by a group of collaborators,” the report added.

Workspaces have been a work in progress for the company since they first went public in preview.

The tech giant had said at its Build 2023 conference last month that Workspaces would gradually become available over the coming months.

Meanwhile, in April this year, the company had announced that its OpenAI’s DALL-E-powered AI image generator is now available on desktop for Edge users around the world.

Image Creator allows users to create an image simply by using their own words to describe the picture they want to see.


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