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Instagram’s story icon size suddenly gets huge, users react

New Delhi: A number of Instagram users are reporting that the icon for their Stories feature has suddenly gotten much bigger.

Several users have taken to social media to express their displeasure after the app’s story icon suddenly got bigger.

“Did instagram get an update why are the story icons HUGE,” a user tweeted.

“Everytime instagram updates it becomes a progressively worse app because why are the story icons now MASSIVE,” another user wrote.

One more user said” “Whoever made the instagram story icons bigger, make them smaller again please. Also Stream schedule going up later today!”.

Showing dissatisfaction with the new icon size update, a user on Twitter stated that “Is it just me or has the Instagram story icon suddenly blown up in size ? It’s looks so disgusting now. Why is Instagram making changes that we don’t need”.

Meta-owned Instagram has not yet commented on the change to the story icon size. It’s possible that the change is simply a glitch, or it’s possible that the company is testing out a new design.

In May, Instagram came back to life after being down for over an hour as users witnessed errors saying the app couldn’t refresh, and the website went blank for some users.



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