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My workload is twice or thrice as much as anybody else’s, says Hardik Pandya

Kandy: Asia Cup 2023 ODI: India Vs Nepal. Image Source: IANS News

Colombo, Sep 9 : Ahead of India’s Super Four match against Pakistan in the Asia Cup, all-rounder and vice-captain Hardik Pandya shed light on the unique challenges and mindset of an all-rounder, saying his workload in a match is twice or thrice more than anybody else’s.

After the 2019 ODI World Cup ended in England, Pandya underwent a major back surgery, which limited his all-round performing abilities. But a change in lifestyle and fitness approach has resulted in him being back to his best and being a reliable all-rounder for the side ahead of 2023 Men’s ODI World Cup in India.

“As an all-rounder, my workload is twice or thrice as anyone else. When a batter in the team goes and bats and finishes his batting and is heading home, I’ll still be bowling after that. So for me, all the managing, all the pushing, and everything happens during the sessions or my training or my pre-camp season,” said Pandya to Star Sports.

On match days, Pandya sees his role gets adjusted as per the conditions and requirements in a particular situation and backs himself to get the job done. “When the game arrives, it is more about whatever the team requires, and the managing side goes out of the park, and it is more practical calls that how many overs are needed for me. Because if 10 overs are not needed, there is no point in me bowling 10 overs, but if 10 overs are needed, then I’ll be bowling.”

“I always believed that I give myself a chance to succeed, which is by reading the game, which is by backing myself because I have always believed that when we go as a believer, when I’m standing there, yes, my ten players, my ten brothers are around me, but at the same point of time I’m alone.”

He further elaborated, “When bowling, I have to back myself to the fullest because the opposition, the batter, they want me to make a mistake. At the same point of time, as a batter, yes, two people are batting, he is there with me fighting, but there are also eleven on the ground against me, and at the same point of time, it could be the crowd or anything.”

“So what I have realised is that no matter what happens, you have to back yourself, you have to believe that you are the best in the world. That does not guarantee you success, but at the same point of time, it does give you and it does guide you to work towards success, so practically back yourself.”

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