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Transgenders in UP to watch special show of ‘The Kerala Story’

Separate wards for transgenders in UP hospitals. Image Source: IANS News

Prayagraj : , May 12 (IANS) The UP Kinnar Welfare Board and state head of Kinnar Akhara, Kaushalyanand Giri, who is also known as Tina Maa, has booked a show of ‘The Kerala Story’ at a multiplex in the city where people of the transgender community will watch the movie on Friday.

Tina Maa claimed that the kinnar (transgender) community was the worst affected by religious conversions.

“We have been initiating moves to check religious conversation and ‘love jihad’ among girls and transgender community but it is for the first time that we are organising a special screening of a movie which highlights the topic.

“We will keep telling our community members and girls about the ill-effects of ‘love jihad’ and religious conversions,” Tina Maa said.

She added, “Religious conversion is a sensitive issue and should be dealt with tactfully and promptly. The transgender community has always been the worst affected by religious conversions. The Kinnar Akhara is taking up the issue seriously and has also taken some converted transgender people back in the fold of Hinduism.”
She further claimed, “I have taken up a nationwide campaign to check religious conversion among the transgender community, and over 32 of us have already returned to Hinduism after converting to Islam.”
She further said that she was confident of taking up the campaign at a war-footing and check this practice at the grassroot level.

She said that ‘The Kerala Story’ has turned out to be an eye-opener for the society and everyone must watch it.

“There is a need to take up a mass awareness campaign on the sensitive issue. People must know the reality and the happenings taking place in Kerala and elsewhere,” she added.

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