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Three days ‘Mud Festival’ begins in Goa

Three days ‘Mud Festival’ begins in Goa. Image Source: IANS News

Panaji, June 29 : Goa Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte on Wednesday launched a three-day state-level ‘Chikhal Kalo’ ( Mud Festival) festival at Marcel in North Goa.

Chikhal Kalo, which is basically about playing in the mud and splashing it on each other, has been celebrated here for the last four centuries. This unique festival has become so famous that many people across Goa visit here to witness it.

The games that Lord Krishna used to play in his childhood are played during this festival by the partakers.

The festival began on Wednesday with cultural programmes, while the main event of playing in mud will take place on June 30 near Shree Devki Krishna temple in Marcel.

Khaunte said that the government strives for the promotion of tourism in the state and as such “we promote local festivities like Chikhal Kalo, Sao Joao and so on to preserve our own rich cultural heritage”.

“The decision to organise this unique Chikhal Kalo at the state level in Marcel village is to promote a new avenue of tourism in Goa,” he said, adding that Goa is not only confined to the beaches and sand, Goa is more than that.

“We are culturally rich and need to showcase it to the world,” the minister added.

He further said that the world has recognised Goa as a tourist destination. “People attract towards Goa due to its scenic beauty, flora and fauna. Apart from this, Goa has a rich cultural heritage and the government intends to promote spiritual and cultural tourism.”

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