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Siblings of Kota coaching student who committed suicide to leave city

(SUICIDE PACKAGE) After 20 suicides in IIT-JEE hub, spring-loaded fans now a must in Kota. Image Source: IANS News

Jaipur, Aug 29 : The siblings of Kota coaching student Adarsh Raj, who committed suicide on Sunday, have decided to leave the city, citing their inability to continue their studies here after losing their brother.

Adarsh, who lived with his cousin brother and sister, hanged himself on Sunday at 7 p.m. Hailing from Bihar, he was scoring low marks and hence was under stress, said police officials.

Sister and cousin brother of Adarsh have now decided to move back to their native places, stating that they can’t bear the agony of losing their brother whom they have grown with since childhood. It is impossible to stay here and study, said his brother.

Adarsh’s uncle, who was here to collect his body did not hold anyone responsible for his death. “He (Adarsh Raj) was living with his sister and cousin brother. Even then it happened. It was God’s wish,” the uncle said.

Meanwhile, another student Raj hanged himself in his rented flat at around 7 p.m. nearly four hours after his death.

The city police handed over the bodies of two NEET aspirants and lodged separate cases of unnatural death under Section 174 of CrPC for investigation in the matter.

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