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RJD minister in Bihar confuses between NDA and INDIA

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Patna, July 20 : In an incident of slip of tongue, Surendra Prasad Yadav, Minister of Co-operation under the RJD quota in Bihar, repeatedly confused between the NDA and the newly-formed Opposition alliance ‘INDIA’, saying that NDA is a strong wrestler which will form the government in the country.

When asked about the strength of INDIA, Yadav said: “Look, when two wrestlers fight with each other, it is very hard to predict who would be defeated. When time comes, NDA will show its strength.”

The reporter quickly asked a counter question that NDA is also a wrestler, Yadav said, “There is no doubt about it. It will 100 per cent form the government.”

When some supporters sitting alongside him said that its INDIA and not NDA, the Minister quickly rectified his statement and said that INDIA will form the government and not NDA.

“You have seen our guardian Narendra Modi who was delivering a speech while drinking water,” Yadav said.

Reacting to Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad coming early from Bangalore, the Minister clarified: “Lalu Ji is ill. Hence, he came early. Despite his illness, he was standing there. Hence, INDIA will become victorious.”

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