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Dengue cases in UP’s Kanpur cross 200 mark

सहारनपुर में डेंगू का बढ़ रहा खतरा, मरीजों की संख्या 24 पहुंची. Image Source: IANS News

Kanpur, Sep 12 : Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur has reported a sudden and massive surge in the number of dengue cases.

Alok Ranjan, the Chief Medical Officer of Kanpur, termed the situation as a matter of concern as the number of patients crossed the 200-mark on Monday.

Multiple hospitals, including Hallet Hospital, Kanshi Ram Hospital, and Ursula Hospital, have allocated beds to accommodate dengue patients. To address this crisis, a dedicated team of doctors has been formed to conduct investigations into dengue cases across various areas.

In addition to medical professionals, numerous pathology officers have been appointed and granted formal authorization to assist in the diagnostic process.

The treatment of dengue patients is actively underway in various hospitals within the city. This alarming increase in the number of dengue patients in Kanpur prompted the establishment of a dedicated dengue ward in Ursula, the largest government hospital in the city.

Dr Shailendra Tiwari, the Chief Medical Superintendent and Deputy Director of Ursula Hospital, stated that the fluctuating weather conditions have contributed to the continuous rise in dengue cases.

Fortunately, all dengue patients are reported to be in stable condition. Dengue, also known as break-bone fever, is a viral infection transmitted to humans through mosquito bites.

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