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TN to monitor health of pregnant women, newborns

All you need to know about Covid vaccination for pregnant women.(photo:IANSLIFE). Image Source: IANS News

Chennai, July 1 : Tamil Nadu health department will monitor the health of pregnant women and lactating mothers as well as newborns under the scheme ‘First 1,000 – Best Healthy Days’.

Health Minister Ma Subramanian announced the launch of the programme at the Ranipet Hospital on Saturday. It will be implemented at all the primary health centres as well as community health centres in 14 districts of the state based on poor maternal and child health indicators.

The programme is aimed at the survival and growth of all children in their first 1,000 days, from pregnancy up to the first two years. The scheme, according to the minister, will target 37,200 children born in a year in Tamil Nadu and 74,400 children born in two years.

The beneficiaries will be ensured adequate antenatal care, good nutrition and lactation, best early childhood development and proper weight gain up to two years.

Subramanian in his speech said that the programme will also focus on prevention and control of anemia during pregnancy, weight gain of pregnant women and infant. The health department, according to the minister, will monitor the vaccination of all children up to two years of age.

The scheme will lead to reduction of maternal mortality ratio and infant mortality rate. It is expected to prevent anemia among antenatal mothers and treatment and reduction of low birth weight babies.

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