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PMK, MDMK slam reduction of NEET PG percentile score to zero

NEET.. Image Source: IANS News

Chennai, Sep 21 : PMK’s Tamil Nadu President Dr Anbumani Ramadoss on Thursday that reducing the NEET marks to zero percentile will allow all candidates who have appeared for the NEET-PG examination getting a seat, if they have money.

In a statement, Ramadoss, who is a medical doctor and a former Union Health Minister, said that as many as 30 candidates scored single digit marks in the NEET-PG entrance, 14 candidates scored zero marks, and 13 candidates scored negative marks, and all these students will get admission in private medical colleges and “this would not improve quality by any means”.

He said that 90 per cent of seats that have fallen vacant are in private medical colleges.

“PG seats should not go waste and if that happens a shortage of specialists will occur,” he said, calling upon the private medical colleges to reduce fees and government to conduct counselling by allowing candidates who have already cleared the examination.

MDMK leader and Member of Parliament Vaiko slammed the NEET and said the exam was just an eye- wash. He claimed that NEET was a fraudulent examination and that around 20 students of Tamil Nadu died due to NEET. He also called upon the Union government to stop conducting NEET.



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