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KGMU to open first ‘poison information centre’

18-yr-old donates part of liver to father. Image Source: IANS News

Lucknow, Sep 27 : The King George’s Medical University (KGMU) is planning to start a ‘poison information centre’ where common people can seek expert advice and guidance in cases of poisoning.

The department of forensic science is planning a centre which will have a call centre facility to coordinate with any distressed caller.

Dr Shiuli Rathore of the department is working on the project. This will be the first of its kind centre in the state. Dr Shiuli said that many times we face emergencies at home as someone consumes poison accidentally.

“Commonest symptoms include stomach pain, dizziness or vomiting. Often children eat crayons and parents do not know which crayon is toxic and which is not. In all such situations our centre will guide patients and their family,” she said.

Prof Anoop Verma HoD forensic medicine KGMU said, “Cases of poison are going up in the state and this area of medical science is in need of increased focus.”

He said the Centre will advise victims of poisoning with immediate action which they can do on spot and help/coordinate sending the victim to the nearest medical centre equipped to handle such a case.

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