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Liam Neeson calls his film ‘Retribution’, thematically engaging

Asian Film Summit of the 38th Toronto International Film Festival. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Aug 25 : In the new booming action-thriller spectacle ‘Retribution’, Liam Neeson will once again don the avatar of the desperate father once again after ‘Taken’ – Matt Turner. Talking about the film, Neeson called it a very thematically engaging concept.

The movie will showcase the character of Matt Turner, a seemingly simple well-off man driving his kids on the road when a mysterious caller tells him to keep driving, or else he will blow up his car and kill everyone inside, all the while the timer on the bomb is ticking.

Forcing him into an unforeseen situation, Matt is forced to abandon all that he knows and loves and begin a wild goose chase to get to the truth all the while trying desperately to save his family.

Helmed by Director Nimrod Antal, the movie will find Liam Neeson in a thrillingly dangerous situation full of suspense, as his character must use his own wits to uncover the mysterious truth.

Talking about the film, Liam Neeson said: “The concept of it is so immediate and engaging. It’s got themes that really resonate, like money and greed.”

The ‘Star Wars’ actor further added; “For me, that’s it. What’s really important is sometimes you need to remember to take the time to smell the roses, to sit back and enjoy things. So that’s my advice on this. Sit back and enjoy it.”

Director Nimrod Antal talking about the film and its premise said, “It really is a rollercoaster ride, and all of the actors elevate the story and take it to a whole other level. You see how vulnerable these characters are and what they’re dealing with beyond what’s happening in the car.”

Liam Neeson will go on his most engaging and thrilling car chase, all the while discovering many things in ‘Retribution.’ Produced by Lionsgate, the movie will hit cinemas on August 25, 2023.

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