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Jiya Shankar tells Pooja Bhatt she feels ‘unsafe’ around Elvish Yadav

‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’: Jiya Shankar tells Pooja Bhatt she feels ‘unsafe’ around Elvish Yadav. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, July 30 : Housemate Jiya Shankar was heard telling Pooja Bhatt that she does not feel safe around housemate Elvish Yadav after seeing his behaviour in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Jiya said that even after Pooja spoke about his wrong behaviour with him, he never came and apologised to her. He retorted that Jiya was spreading rumours about him.

In the episode, Elvish was seen being schooled for speaking ill about Bebika Dhurve.

After everyone got up from the couch in the living room, Jiya said: “After your conversation, Elvish came and asked me if I feel unsafe around him. So even then Elvish never accepted that conversation, he said that he was speaking about the comments that had come up on social media.”

“… I do not feel safe around him. Because if he knows and he can say it in front of so many cameras then I don’t know what kind of a person he is outside. His body language and all that you saw… Even after he had a conversation with you, he should have come to me and said sorry but he turned the situation around and accused me of telling wrong things about him to everyone.”

Pooja added: “I agree with you about that. I told him that if you are thinking that’s a different thing but you are saying it in front of the camera, are you stupid about it? He has lots of issues. And Manisha Rani is the one who starts the fire. It is because of her, Abhishek and everyone’s behaviour has changed. And she is not real at all. “

Elvish then comes to apologise to Bebika and Jiya for talking inappropriately.

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