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Jason Derulo posts video of his ’embarrassing’ hospital visit during Turkish holiday

Jason Derulo feels happy to share his wealth. Image Source: IANS News

Los Angeles, Aug 24 : Singer Jason Derulo was left embarrassed as he had to rush to the hospital during his recent holiday in Turkey when experiencing a freak incident due to a ring.

The ‘Talk Dirty’ hitmaker took to his Instagram page to share a video detailing his unlikely injury. The 33-year-old singer said his finger became swollen overnight after he put on an Oura ring and it got stuck on his finger, reports

“This is so embarrassing,” he began saying in the clip while showing his swollen finger.

A friend sitting next to him was seen laughing as he continued sharing: “Woke up, fingers swollen to turning colors. I was like, damn.”

Derulo tried to reduce the swelling with ice and tried to remove the ring with oil, but it only worsened after he went to the gym.

“Try to figure out how to take this damn ring off. Just got swollen overnight and tried to take it off with oil,” he explained.

“When I iced it, it came down a little bit. Then I went to the gym. When I went to the gym, my finger swelled up ever more so…”

The “Savage Love” hitmaker eventually made a trip to the hospital, where a team prepared to cut the ring off his finger, speculating it would take just “one or two minutes.”

After one hour, the hospital staff successfully got the ring of his swollen finger and they all cheered with joy.

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