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As alliances break, gang leaders will have to now face off against one another

As alliances break, gang leaders will have to now face off against one another. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Sep 3 : Alliances are an important part of ‘Roadies’, though when alliances break, it creates a cataclysm that is full of chaos. Now the forged alliance of Rhea Chakraborty and Gautam Gulati will have to face-off against one another.

Forming alliances is one way to win, as alliances have a greater chance to earn immunities which will in turn prevent premature vote-outs, saving contestants from eliminations and extending the game.

But alliances are just as easy to break, and now Rhea and Gautam will have to face off against one another as Prince Narula’s gang has taken the lead once again.

Now what will happen in the tasks ahead is unknown, though this going to change the initially expected vote-outs and either add in or delete names which were scheduled for termination.

Earlier, there was a huge feud between Prince and Gautam who were nearly at each other’s throats , before Sonu Sood and some of the other contestants were able to stop them from actually fighting.

Suffice it to say, that things are still ugly between the two, and as these two have become the leaders of the game, leaving Rhea’s gang behind in the dust, they’ll do what the can to beat each other.

Though Gautam has not been much of an alliance supporter, to take the lead from Prince he formed his alliance with another rival, and now that alliance has to be broken, which was expected.

Sonu Sood was about to announce the vote-outs, though it seems that will have to wait. The Gang Leaders are hardly united, because while Prince and Gautam were able to settle their early feud somewhat, now the trio of Rhea, Gautam and Prince were seen arguing over their own contestants.

Each has a different strategy to win, and each employs a different method. Prince is the strategist, Gautam the more cold and calculating person while Rhea prefers to observe before reacting.

To watch what happens between these Gang Leaders and how it will affect the vote-outs, audiences can watch ‘MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand’ on MTV and JioCinema.

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