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North Korean youth rally against South Korea-US deterrence deal

A throng of North Korean youths holds a protest rally at the Youth Park Open-Air Theatre in Pyongyang on March 22, 2023.. Image Source: Yonhap/IANS

Seoul, May 3 : North Korean youth and students staged a rally to denounce a recent agreement reached by the leaders of South Korea and the US on strengthening Washington’s extended deterrence, Pyongyang’s state media said on Wednesday.

The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that the protest was held in South Hwanghae province on Tuesday to “sternly punish” the US and South Korea, or what it called a “gangster” and “puppet” state, respectively, reports Yonhap News Agency.

The KCNA said the participants, full of determination for revenge, burned an effigy depicting the “invaders and provocateurs”, apparently referring to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and his US counterpart Joe Biden.

The protesters also slammed Yoon’s state visit to Washington as the “most hostile, aggressive and humiliating act of subjugating to the US” and a move to stage a “nuclear war” against the North, it added.

Yoon and Biden held a summit in Washington last week and announced the adoption of the Washington Declaration on strengthening US extended deterrence against the North’s threats.

Extended deterrence refers to the U. commitment to mobilising all of its military capabilities, including nuclear, to defend its ally.

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