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Lebanon calls on France to support Syrian refugees’ return to homeland


Beirut, July 4 : Lebanese Defence Minister Maurice Slim has called on France to support Lebanon in returning Syrian refugees to their homeland, media reported.

“We call on France to convey Lebanon’s message to the international community about returning Syrian refugees to their homeland,” Slim said on Monday during his meeting in Beirut with Joelle Garriaud-Maylam, a member of the French Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces.

Slim called on the international community to take necessary steps to support the Lebanese appeal for the return of the displaced Syrians to their country, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Lebanese Minister also praised the continuous French support for Lebanon and the initiatives to find solutions to its ongoing crises.

For her part, Maylam expressed her confidence in “the ability of the Lebanese to overcome the crisis that weighs heavily on Lebanon,” affirming “France’s permanent support for Lebanon in various fields, especially the military one”.

Lebanon remains the country hosting the largest number of refugees per capita, with the government estimating around two million Syrian refugees.

The country has been suffering from an unprecedented financial crisis, and the presence of large amount of refugees weighs heavily on the country’s economy and infrastructure.

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