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Israel, US wrap up joint naval drill

Israel, US launch plan to foster advanced homeland security techs. Image Source: IANS News

Jerusalem, July 28 : The Israeli military has said that its Flotilla 13 naval commando unit has concluded a joint exercise with the US Armed Forces.

During the drill, dubbed ‘Juniper Spartan’, the forces held several maritime security training scenarios, according to a statement released by the Israeli military on Thursday.

Israel frequently collaborates with the US Armed Forces in joint drills, which the Israeli Army said would “lead the two sides to mutual learning, the strengthening of professional ties, and professional improvements”.

The recent exercise was “yet another sign of the deep and operational cooperation between the Israel Defense Forces and the US Armed Forces,” the statement said as quoted by Xinhua news agency report.

The drill was carried out amid heightened tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians, growing Israeli concerns over Iran’s activities in the Middle East, and internal turmoil triggered by a contentious government plan to overhaul the country’s legal system.

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