Monday, July 17, 2023
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Congress accuses Centre of sponsoring inflation

New Delhi: In yet another attack against the BJP-led Central government, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Friday accused it of sponsoring inflation despite making promises to control it.

In a tweet in Hindi, Kharge said: “The gave the slogan of ‘bahut hui mehangai ki maar’. With false propaganda of promising good days, they (BJP) only betrayed people. The result is that in the last nine years the plate of people is burning due to inflation. There is no reduction in the prices of essential items and BJP’s loot is dominant on the people’s income.”

Hitting out at Central Ministers, the Congress President said: “Over inflation, Ministers of Modi government make new excuses everytime by serving lies and propaganda in the empty plates of people. Whereas few people of the eco-system defends why inflation is better for us and if Modiji has done it then he must have done it after some deep thought.

“They mislead the public with such Goebbels inspired lectures! But now people are becoming aware. the public knows that the real sponsor of the murderous inflation is only the Modi government!”

Kharge also attached a list of several items whose prices have increased in the last one year.


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