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Tathya Patel’s driving licence cancelled permanently in accident case

Tathya Patel’s driving licence cancelled permanently in accident case. Image Source: IANS News

Ahmedabad, Aug 10 : The Ahmedabad Regional Transport Office (RTO) has permanently revoked the licence of Tathya Patel, the main accused in the recent Iskon Flyover accident case. This stern measure was prompted by Patel’s history of repeated offences.

Nine persons were killed and at least 13 others were injured after a speeding Jaguar driven by Tathya Patel ploughed into a crowd on a flyover near the ISKCON temple on July 20.

The RTO based its decision to permanently cancel his licence on three First Information Reports (FIRs) filed against him, the most significant being the one concerning the Iskcon Flyover accident case.

The decision was disclosed by Ruturaj Desai, the Regional Transport Officer of Ahmedabad, who explained that Patel was duly served a notice to appear and provide a defence against the charges. Despite receiving the notice, Patel neither appeared before the authorities nor submitted a response.

RTO officials have clarified that Patel can still appeal the decision within a 30-day window with the transport authorities in Gandhinagar. If he fails to take this course of action, his driving license will be permanently revoked.

In a related development that further complicates the legal situation for the Patel family, Principal District Judge D M Vyas denied bail to Pragnesh Patel, Tathya’s father. Pragnesh was taken into custody on charges of criminal intimidation following his conduct at the accident site when he transported his son to the hospital.

The defense portrayed Pragnesh’s actions as a natural paternal reaction, arguing that any father’s first instinct would be to protect his child. The prosecution, however, opposed the bail plea, emphasising Pragnesh’s alleged lack of concern for the injured victims struggling at the scene and highlighting his purported history of threats and intimidation.

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