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Guj BJP MP clarifies misunderstanding in public altercation

Guj BJP MP clarifies misunderstanding in public altercation. Image Source: IANS News

Jamnagar, August 18 : Responding to a recent video clip that captured a public altercation involving BJP MLA Rivaba Jadeja and Jamnagar Lok Sabha MP Poonamben Madam, the latter on Friday said the the disagreement arose from a minor misunderstanding that has now been resolved.

Madam, who initially adhered to party discipline by refraining from immediate comments, revealed that she considers “Rivaba Jadeja to be like a younger sister”.

She explained that the disagreement unfolded during an event and was “a result of a brief misunderstanding”.

After receiving party authorisation, Madam addressed the media to share her perspective, emphasising that the incident was a small issue within the broader BJP family.

Referring to Jadeja as a younger sister, Madam reminisced about the united efforts of the party during the MLA’s state Assembly election campaign.

She likened the collaborative spirit to supporting a family member.

Madam attributed the public confrontation to a “fleeting misunderstanding, a common occurrence within families”.

She reassured the strength of the party’s unity, capable of surmounting challenges.

The incident in question featured first-time MLA Jadeja, who is also the wife of cricketer Ravindra Jadeja.

In the video clip, she is seen rebuking Madam and Mayor Kothari during a public function.

Rivaba Jadeja later clarified that the disagreement stemmed from differing views on paying tribute to martyrs.

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