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Disclose assets or forego promotions: U.P govt tells employees

Disclose assets or forego promotions: U.P govt tells employees. Image Source: IANS News

Lucknow, Aug 20 : The Uttar Pradesh government has decided that promotions for officers and employees who fail to declare their movable and immovable properties by December 31, 2023, will not be entertained.

Chief secretary Durga Shankar Mishra has issued an order emphasising that all officers and employees are required to, in line with the provisions outlined in Rule 24 of the Uttar Pradesh Government Employees Rules-1956, mandatorily disclose details regarding their movable and immovable properties through the human resources portal.

The state government has developed the human resources portal with the aim of offering timely, efficient, and transparent services.

Directives were issued via a government order to manage matters related to service affairs starting from October 1, 2023, on the human resources portal created by the National Informatics Centre.

Sources said that the state government had previously issued similar orders in 2010. Nonetheless, some officers and employees within specific departments persistently disregard these instructions, prompting the enforcement of mandatory asset declaration on the portal.

The state government had issued orders in this regard earlier in 2010 too. Yet some officers and employees in certain departments continue to violate these orders and this is why declaring the assets on the portal has been made mandatory.

“It has come to notice of the state government that the officers and the employees are not submitting details of their moveable/immoveable properties. No information is given about buying/selling such property in most cases. To curb this tendency of officers and employees, strict action should be taken against those violating this rule,” the order stated.

Arjun Dev Bharti, president of the Secretariat Employees Union, expressed appreciation for the state government’s measures. He suggested that the government should also link promotions to the number of pending investigations and charges of corruption against officers and employees.

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