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CBI files FIR against IITM officials, private firm

CBI files case against conman for threatening rly reservation clerk & extortion attempt. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Aug 26 : Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has said that a Mumbai-based private firm which claimed to be the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Digital Display Boards, actually imported LED panels and other electronic parts from China.

CBI said that they sold the Air Quality and Weather Forecasting & Research for Ahmedabad (SAFAR-Ahmedabad) at exorbitant prices.

The agency has filed an FIR against officials of IITM, Pune, including Gufran Beig, referred to as Scientist ‘G’, and other officers. They are accused of conspiring to favor the aforementioned firm by awarding them the tender and subsequently approving full payments.

CBI said that the tender was issued for a Digital Display System (DDS) for the System for Air Quality and Weather Forecasting & Research for Ahmedabad (SAFAR-Ahmedabad).

CBI said that reliable information was received that during 2015-16, IITM officials, including Gufran Beig, Scientist ‘G’, and other officers, conspired with Anil Girkar, the Director of Video Wall India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

Together, they awarded the tender for the Digital Display System to Video Wall India Pvt. Ltd. The accusations state that they diluted the tender terms and conditions, as well as the essential item specifications, CBI said.

CBI said that Anil Girkar dishonestly imported sub-standard items from China for the Outdoor Digital Display boards, amounting to over rupee fifty lakh. He then supplied these to IITM at highly exorbitant rates, totaling near two crore rupees.

CBI said that the IITM officials allegedly released payments to Video Wall India Pvt. Ltd. without proper inspections, even though the items did not meet the specified tender requirements.

It said that the action caused wrongful losses to IITM and the Government of India, while benefiting the supplier and the accused officials.

CBI said that Girkar falsely claimed his company was the OEM of Digital Display Boards, despite importing LED panels and electronic parts from China.

He assembled and supplied these items to IITM, failing to meet the specified Supply Order requirements. Additionally, he allegedly made fraudulent declarations to Customs Authorities to avoid paying applicable Customs duties.

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