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Alarm over ‘smoke without fire’ at Mumbai Hotel Trident

Mumbai, June 18 : The Mumbai Fire Brigade and other agencies rushed to the Hotel Trident at Nariman Point following reports of dark smoke billowing from it’s rooftop, around dawn on Sunday.

A passerby alerted the Fire Brigade and a team zoomed there in full gear to battle the suspected conflagration at the 34-storied five-star hotel.

After a thorough check, it was declared as a false fire alarm, but with good intent by an alert citizen.

“Due to a technical failure in the tube boiler kept at basement two of the hotel, smoke was seen coming out from the chimney on the terrace of building. It was noticed by a pedestrian at 0655 am,” said an official.

After reaching the Hotel Trident, the Fire Brigade made full enquiries with the hotel authorities and also inspected the entire premises thoroughly.

“There was no fire… Hence a Good Intent False Alarm Message was transmitted,” said the official.

Meanwhile videos / photos of the purported fireless smoke have gone viral on social media networks since morning.

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