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Maha reports first Covid fatality in months; experts monitor Omicron sub-variant situation

WHO designates ‘Eris’ Covid strain ‘variant of interest’ as cases rise globally. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Aug 10 : Maharashtra recorded the first Covid-related fatality in months, with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) clarifying that the death had occurred in July but was included in the official records now.

The deceased was a 75-year-old Mumbai resident who suffered from liver carcinoma. While the individual was diagnosed with Covid-19, authorities have stated that the virus was not the primary cause of his death.

Meanwhile, Mumbai reported 10 new Covid cases, elevating the total infection count to 11,64,108, while the latest death took the overall fatality figures to 19,776. This is the second time in August that the city has reported Covid cases in double digits; the previous instance occurred on August 6.

Recovery rates continue to inspire confidence, with four more patients recuperating from the illness, taking the total number of recoveries to 11,44,285. Currently, Mumbai has 47 active cases. A total of 292 tests were conducted in the past 24 hours, raising the cumulative test count to 1,89,17,951, as per the civic body’s bulletin.

Rise of a new Covid variant?

Though there are indications of an increase in Covid cases in Maharashtra due to the new Omicron sub-variant, EG.5.1, detected in some samples, health experts have emphasised that there is no cause for immediate concern. No significant surge has been noted since the detection of this sub-variant.

The state health department said that it would be premature to attribute the rise in cases to the new sub-variant. The situation will be carefully monitored over the coming week to reach a more conclusive understanding, as all respiratory infections typically show a surge during June to September.

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