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Lebanon’s Health ministry warns of increase in Hepatitis A cases

(FOR BHUPI SIR– SUNDAY SPECIAl) Surge in Hepatitis A and E, eye flu cases follows unusual rains in NCR. Image Source: IANS News

Beirut, Aug 27 : Lebanon’s Health Ministry has warned that the number of Hepatitis A cases has sharply increased since the beginning of 2023, the media reported.

The Ministry said on Saturday that nearly 1,785 cases have been detected in Lebanon so far, of which 204 are in the Baalbek district in eastern Lebanon.

There were less than 600 Hepatitis A cases in the year 2022, Xinhua news agency reported.

The districts of Tripoli, Akkar, Minyeh-Danniyeh and Baalbek registered the biggest surge in cases, and water samples have been collected from epicentres for epidemiological analysis.

The Ministry called for proper sanitation and personal hygiene to avoid infection.

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