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Fever cases go up in Kerala, death toll reaches 23

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Thiruvananthapuram, June 18 : After a woman died on Sunday, the total number of deaths due to dengue and rat fever in Kerala has reached 23 in the last two weeks.

Sujatha (50) from Kodumanchira in Pathanamthitta district died due to rat fever at Kottayam medical college on Sunday morning, said officials.

Reports said that many people are admitted to hospitals across the state due to various fevers, including dengue and rat fever, and the bacterial infections are also spreading. The state health department has issued a directive to people not to resort to self medication and to consult a medical doctor.

At least 877 dengue fever cases were reported from across the state in the past few days.

The local administration has failed to clean up water bodies and drainages before the monsoon and this has led to an increase in the presence of mosquitoes and rats leading to the spread of contagious diseases.

The commercial capital of Kerala, Kochi is reeling under the issue of waste management with piles of waste mounting in all areas of the city.

State health minister, Veena George has asked people working in the fields to wear gloves and to use boots to prevent rat bites as also to consume one ‘Doxycycline’ tablet once a week.

With the increase in fever cases in the state and the death toll mounting, the state health department has embarked on a mission to bring the fever under control. The Director of Health Services is in touch with all the district medical officers to curb the spread of various fevers in the state.

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