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AIIMS doctors save infant mid-air

AIIMS doctors save infant mid-air. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Aug 28 : All India India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi doctors saved the life of a two-year-old girl onboard a flight, the premier institute said on Monday.

According to AIIMS, a two-year old cyanotic female child who was operated outside for intracardiac repair was unconscious and cyanosed onboard the Bangalore to Delhi flight on Sunday evening in Vistara Airline flight


Following a distress call, five doctors from AIIMS who were onboard, immediately examined the child, the premier institute said on Monday.

“The child’s pulse was absent and was not breathing. On air immediate CPR was started and with limited resources, using skilled work and active management by team successfully IV cannula was placed , oropharyngeal

airway was put and emergency response was initiated by whole team of residents on board- and the baby for brought to ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation),” the AIIMS said.

It said, “It was complicated by another cardiac arrest for which an AED (automated external defibrillator) was used. For 45 mins, the baby was resuscitated and flight was routed to Nagpur.”

On reaching Nagpur, the child was handed over in stable hemodynamic to the pediatrician, added AIIMS.

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