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AIIMS Director Srinivas directs for a transformative change in patient services

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New Delhi, Aug 25 : Delhi All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Director M. Srinivas has directed for a transformative change in the process of patient sample collection and report distribution.

Taking note that certain departments within the institution require patients to visit academic areas for the collection of body fluid samples and report collection, the Director said, “This practice not only inconveniences patients and their attendants but also contributes to overcrowding in academic and office spaces, which were not originally designed for such purposes.”

To address these concerns, Dr Srinivas in his office memorandum to chiefs of all centres and others concerned of the AIIMS wrote, “It is desired that all patient samples shall be collected in the respective OPDs itself and no patient/their attendant shall be required to go to any other area for sample collection or for submitting the sample for analysis.”

“Similarly, all reports shall be made available electronically or from the respective OPDs. For the said purpose, shared sample collection and report collection rooms shall be identified and operationalised in the respective OPDs latest by August 31,” he said.

“All departments who are currently requiring the patients to visit their labs in academic/ office areas for sample collection/report collection shall coordinate with the Faculty Incharge New RAK OPD to ensure that w.e.f. September 1 all their sample / report collection is done from OPD itself. “

“It is strongly recommended that all reports should be uploaded to AllMS HMIS (eHospital) so that patient can access the same from ORS portal seamlessly. For the same, all diagnostic departments are requested to coordinate with the computer facility and onboard their reporting systems with eHospital,” Dr Srinivas said.

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