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Yasser Desai’s ‘Sun Sathiya’ is a romantic slow paced ballad

Yasser Desai’s ‘Sun Sathiya’ is a romantic slow paced ballad. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Aug 25 : Singer Yasser Desai has released his latest new track ‘Sun Sathiya’ accompanied by a music video. A romantic slow paced ballad, the song features raw emotions, somber melodies along with great singing. Indeed, Yasser Desai deserves to be happy about the track, which he said allowed him to dive deeper into his emotions and artistry.

Talking about his new song, Yasser Desai said: “I am incredibly excited and proud to present ‘Sun Saathiya’ to all my fans and music enthusiasts around the world. This song holds a special place in my heart as it allowed me to delve deeper into my emotions and artistic expression.”

A beautiful, heartfelt, romantic ballad, ‘Sun Sathiya’ has all the elements that make a traditional modern day pop romance ballad, cleverly done with great artistry which details unconditional love along with a tragic romance. However, despite its somewhat tragic nature, the song never feels whiny, on the contrary it seems to radiate a sort of positivity born out of hope.

‘Sun Sathiya’ features the young actors Ansh Bagri and Priya Banerjee who star as the video’s two main leads, essaying two hopeless lovers and their romantic chemistry.

The song’s music video, directed by Rishi Anand, brings to life the romantic chemistry between its two lead actors Priya Banerjee and Ansh Bagri. The video feels much like a modern day Bollywood music video and greatly complements the song’s emotional depth and artistic expression, narrating a romance in the style of ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’.

The lyrics, penned by the accomplished writer Azeem Shirazi beautifully complement the music composed by Ankit Shah. Both of these blend seamlessly to amplify the emotions emanating from Yasser’s own voice.

Priya Banerjee describing her own thoughts for ‘Sun Sathiya’ said: “The song’s energy, its heartfelt lyrics, and the mesmerizing composition by Ankit Shah truly make it a unique piece of art. The music video directed by Rishi Anand beautifully captures the emotions we aimed to convey. It was a pleasure working with the entire team, and I hope the audience feels the same joy and connection that we experienced while bringing this song to life.”

Ansh Bagri, expressing his excitement and appreciation for the project, stated, “‘Sun Saathiya’ is not just a song; it’s an emotional journey that resonates with dreams, passion, and the beauty of love. Collaborating with Yasser Desai, Priya Banerjee, and the entire team has been an honour. The experience of being a part of such a heartfelt creation is truly special, and I believe listeners will feel the same depth of emotions that we poured into making this song.”

Siddhant Kumar Sachdev, who led the visual aspect of the project, shared his insights, stating, “Bringing ‘Sun Saathiya’ to life has been a rewarding experience. This project embodies our collective dedication to artistic excellence.”

‘Sun Sathiya’ has been distributed by the new-generation music label Treasure Records which aims to provide a platform for aspiring artists and creators where they can unleash their artistry, produce their music, release music videos and dish out fresh new ideas.

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