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TV actress Chahat Mani Pandey joins AAP

TV actress Chahat Mani Pandey joins AAP. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, June 29 : Telivision actress Chahat Mani Pandey from Madhya Pradesh on Thursday joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sandeep Pathak welcomed Pandey into the party by presenting her with a cap and scarf.

Pandey said that she aimed to fulfill her duty towards her birthplace by joining AAP.

Pathak said that the AAP’s growing popularity in Madhya Pradesh was remarkable.

“Today, we are delighted to have renownedactressChahatManiPandeyfrom Madhya Pradesh joining the Aam Aadmi Party. The people love her, and her work is widely admired. She believes that the people of Madhya Pradesh need her the most. We extend a warm welcome toChahat ji into the Aam Aadmi Party family,” he added.

Pandeymade her career debut in 2016 with theTV series “Pavitra Bandhan”. She has also played lead roles in popular serials like “Hamari Bahu Silk”, “Pakhi Parekh”, and “Durga Mata Ki Chhaya”. She was honoured with the Best Actor Award by the National Academy of Television in 2020-21.

She said that it was a dream come true for her as an actress.

“I believe that while we live our lives, we also have a responsibility towards our place of origin. Fulfilling that duty is also our responsibility. By joining the Aam Aadmi Party, I aim to fulfill that duty,” she added.


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