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Taaruk Raina says India being country of fables, epics makes it perfect for audio storytelling

Taaruk Raina on ‘Mismatched 2’: Playing differently abled was a challenge. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, June 29 : Actor-singer Taaruk Raina, who has been receiving a lot of positive response to his work in the audio streaming series ‘Desi Down Under’, feels that India having a rich culture with regards to its fables, folk tales and epics like ‘Ramayana’ make it a perfect for audio podcasts and stories.

He told IANS: “The fact that India is a country of stories from fables to epics like Ramayana, makes it even more viable for audio stories to be heard and popularised. We have all grown up listening to stories and it’s a major part of our culture. This medium really allows us to go back to that, it is a simpler form but at the same time so evolved that it just enhances the whole experience.”

He continued: “I can totally imagine kids listening to fairy tales or epics with sound design and sound effects which even helps in boosting their imagination further.”

He also shared that working on an audio-only platform is very very different, as one has to really capture the imagination of a listener rather than show it to them because you don’t have that visual aid.

“As soon as the sound design happens, the expressions, and the way dialogues are delivered, your mission is to transport the listener to wherever you are and form a visual in their head rather than showing them. This is definitely a whole new challenge,” he added.

‘Desi Down Under’ is available to stream on Audible.

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