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Passing ‘Adipurush’ was a blunder, says Allahabad HC

Adipurush. Image Source: IANS News

Lucknow, June 28 : TheAllahabad High Court’s Lucknow bench on Wednesday said that the censor board’s passing film ‘Adipurush’ was no less than a “blunder”.

While continuing to slam the makers of the film for their portrayal of religious characters of Ramayana including Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman in the film, the bench of Justice Rajesh Chauhan and Justice Shri Prakash Singh said: “If we shut our mouth today, then you know what will happen? These incidents are increasing day by day.

“In a movie Lord Shankar is shown running with his trishul in a funny manner. The film makers earn money as films do business. Something or the other is being done to break harmony.”

The court added: “If you make a documentary on the Quran, then you will see what happens. This is not about one religion. It is by chance that the issue concerns Ramayana.”

The court dismissed the contention that the film had a disclaimer which said that it was not based on Ramayana. “You have Lord Rama, Sita and Hanuman and then you say it has nothing to do with Ramayana,” it said.

However, the court also clarified that it has not passed any substantive order in the matter as yet and that the oral observations of the court were concerned with the issue at hand.



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