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Nikhita Gandhi teams up with Ritabhari Chakraborty for music video of ‘Time’

Nikhita Gandhi teams up with Ritabhari Chakraborty for music video of ‘Time’. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Sep 15 : Playback singer Nikhita Gandhi in her collaboration with actress Ritabhari Chakraborty for her latest music video ‘Time’, delivers a peppy, foot tapping pop-rock song laced with the feeling of a strong romance, which ended before its time, with two lovers wishing they had more time.

Talking about her song, Nikhita stated: “The song is a really fresh record for the soundscape we are surrounded with these days! I love the loopy earworm that the lyrics ‘Time Baby’ give. It’s sort of freeing and at the same time brings out the frustration of not having enough time.”

In the track, she collaborated with fellow singer Siddhant Sharma, who provided the male vocals for the duet. The two harmonise in the song, balancing and complementing each other’s vocals.

While Nikhita has a more modern American pop style side to her vocals, Siddhant has a rawer vocal aesthetic, with a tinge of rock and some desi swag. ‘Time’ is very similar to American pop-rock, with all its melodies and rhythms also feels very much like a very American pop-rock song.

For the music video, Ritabhari teamed up with the singer Nikhita, following her previous hit collaboration with Disha Patani. Talking about her collaboration, Nikhita added: “It was an absolute pleasure to work with similar like-minded people in the industry, Sambit and I go way back, and working on the song with Ritabhari was an absolute delight.”

Ritabhari also joined forces with Chintan Rachchh for this project, with the two channelling a very visible poppy romantic chemistry which is shown in every note and in their facial features. Ritabhari, apart from appearing in the music video also helped in crafting the song, as she co-penned the lyrics along with Josh Martin.

Ritabhari said: “I’m thrilled to share ‘Time,’ my latest music video collaboration with the incredibly talented Nikhita Gandhi. This project allowed me to explore a new dimension of my artistry, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.Working with like-minded individuals in the industry, including Chintan Rachchh, Sambit and my sister Chitrangada Chakraborty who directed the music video was an absolute delight.”

Adding to this, she said: “What makes this project even more special is that I had the opportunity to contribute to crafting the song’s lyrics. ‘Time’ is a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity, and I hope it resonates with all of you as much as it did with us.”

Furthermore, the actress has just wrapped up her other project called ‘Nandini’, where her character in the series is directly adapted from Sayantani Putatunda’s book.

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