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‘My character stands the loneliest’

Vipin Sharma on ‘Guns & Gulaabs’: ‘My character stands the loneliest’. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Aug 19 : Actor Vipin Sharma, who has carved a unique place in Indian cinema with his incredible acting skills, is now seen seen playing the character of ‘Mahendra’ in the show ‘Guns & Gulaabs’.

The actor has effortlessly transformed into different characters, making each role feel genuine and enduring. From his breakthrough role in ‘Taare Zameen Par’ to the intensity of ‘Paan Singh Tomar’, Sharma’s performances blend emotions and complexities that deeply touch our hearts.

Vipin has now opened up about his character, Mahendra, describing it as the most unique role he has ever played, and more.

‘My character in Guns and Gulabs is so far the most unique I have ever been cast into. Within the narrative, I am a part of the opium king of Gulaabganj’s faithful business handler. In the entire show, I think my character stands as the loneliest, devoid of personal emotional connections that others enjoy in the form of family bonds. So, it was quite challenging to move around as a lone man but still show great compassion to all of the business-like relationships,” shared Vipin.

The actor added: “But the character has a lot of subtle quirks through which you come to know a lot about him even if we don’t see his personal life. Raj and DK have superbly orchestrated the various threads of a very intriguing plot. It is vibrant and full of energy that will keep you hooked till the end.”

‘Guns & Gulaabs’ is a comedy crime thriller created and directed by Raj and DK. Set against the backdrop of the gritty 90s underworld, it features Rajkummar Rao, Dulquer Salmaan, Adarsh Gourav, Vipin Sharma and TJ Bhanu in lead roles.

It is a captivating narrative of ‘firsts’, set in the early ’90s in the unpredictable and precarious town called Gulaabganj. The series is an ode to Bollywood in the nineties, bringing back the charms of the decade. The genre-blending series intertwines romance, comedy, action, pulp, thrill, and twists, with young adult themes.

Created by the ingenious duo Raj & DK, ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ bears their original comedy signature throughout. Against the backdrop of comedic power struggles and revenge plots, the series blends genres as it follows a lovestruck mechanic, a reluctant heir to a ruling gang and an honest officer-turned-agent-of-chaos.

Adding to this, a trio of schoolmates experience the sweet innocence that comes with growing up in a small town, replete with heartbreaks, betrayal, and a world of firsts.

The show is streaming on Netflix.

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